BUSBUS limited liability company


BUSBUS sp. z o.o. (LLC)

17 Mickiewicza Street

Poland, Lesko 38-600

NIP 5170402786

KRS 0000810903

REGON 384716130

Email address:


Contact number:

Telephone number: +48 736 854 504

Feel free to contact the BUSBUS company, which is based in Lesko at 17 Mickiewicza Street, 38-600 Lesko.

Company contact number: +48 736 854 504 Email address: mail@busbus.eu

BUSBUS sp. z o. o. Uses the NIP number 5170402786, the KRS number 0000810903, the REGON number 384716130.

Busbus sp. z o. o. Is the owner of the BUSBUS brand and has full intangible rights to use the BUSBUS company within the meaning of Art. 43 ustawy z dnia 23 kwietnia 1964 r. – Kodeks cywilny (Dz.U. z 2020 r. poz. 1740). BUSBUS has full intangible rights to use the BUSBUS logo, which is a typography showing the word "busbus" written in orange on a white background and written in white on an orange background.